Re: Router as embedded Linux?

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Mike McCarty wrote:
Neil Cherry wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Has anyone considered using a cheap router as a cheap embedded
Linux machine? Or are the peripherals present just too skimpy?

You mean like a Soerkis box? Or the WRT54G (a MIPS processor, I
think). I had a working setup on a PC running at 333MHz, no hard
drive, net booted, 64M RAM (only needed 12M).

Yes, that's the idea. I was wondering about tinkering around
with a router as an embedded machine. Some years ago, I fiddled
with a couple of machines which were originally modems, with
8031 processors in them. They made fine little embedded processors.
I used the LED ports (you know, the status LEDs like "high speed",
and "DTR" and "CTS" etc.) for my output bits, and the DIP switch
configuration I took out to a panel for input bits, and of course
it had RS232 built in.

I don't think that Linux will run on a 8031. :-) But there are
other such projects. Some one suggested the slug (Linksys
NSLU2) which is a good example of what you can do. I have a
camera that runs Linux (NC1000-W10) unfortunately they
didn't release the source but I'm hacking at it. Eventually
I'll be able to recompile Linux and it's tools. I also have
an old Zyxel and Netgear router that I may try to put Linux
on. It didn't run Linux when it first came out but they
have ARM chips and enough RAM and flash.

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