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On Sunday 16 April 2006 19:20, Claude Jones wrote:
>On Sun April 16 2006 5:30 pm, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> According to lspci, this box has a Broadcom BCM4318 802-11g radio in
>> it.
>I can't help you very specifically, but, I do have an HP Pavillion, a
> ZX5000; lspci says I have the Broadcom 4306;
>running PCLINUXOS, I have the wireless working perfectly with
> NDISwrapper; a month or so back, I installed MEPIS on that machine,
> and it booted up with the wireless just working - on investigation, I
> discovered that it had found the Broadcom, installed NDISwrapper, and
> the Windows driver, all on its own!
>I would suggest looking at NDISwrapper - you might just get your
> Broadcom going with that - by the way, after much experimentation in
> PCLINUXOS, I concluded that the various drivers available on the net
> were inferior to the ones that were installed in my Windows partition
> - if you read around, you'll see warnings that the installed Windows
> drivers are not always the most desirable, but in my case they were.
> Sorry I can't give you specific info re: NDISwrapper and FC5, but
> maybe this will help...

Ok, I've located an access point and tested it under Xp and it works 
just fine

I've downloaded the ndiswrapper-1.13 tarball, and unpacked it.  It needs 
the kernel includes.  Got those and installed, so ndiswrapper did a 
make and make install, apparently ok.

Reading thru the list of drivers to try in the wiki at srcforge, I took 
it that the driver described in section B, entry 48 might be the right 
one as it was apparently working fine for a gentoo 32 bit linux 

So I downloaded it, but nothing happens when I tap, or dbl-tap on the 
SP30676.exe file.  Even in mc, which I thought could unpack anything.

Next?  Surely there is a way to extract it and get the driver and .inf 
file that ndiswrapper wants as an argument?
>Claude Jones
>Bluemont, VA, USA

Cheers, Gene
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