I give up on x86-64, its too busted.

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What in hell does it take to actually install the x86-64 version of FC5 
on an hp lappy?

I go thru the disk partitioning several times, finally manageing to 
convince ntfs that it only can use 30GB of the disk.  Then it takes a 
chant like some black magic spell (linux noapic noapci irqpoll 
pci=assign-busses lapic) to even get it to boot, and test, the install 
dvd.  The media test was successfull FWIW, apparently not much.

I get thru the prelims ok, but fighting with a synaptics touch pad with 
a gain of about 70 million (1/4" of motion is off-screen in any 
direction, any touch is a double-tap unless holding the left button 
down already), and checkmark the other two boxes on the what do I 
install screen, click ok and go take a nap.  10 minutes later I decide 
its time for a bowl of cherrios & when I get back in here, the screen 
is telling me the media is bad or we have a bug.

It cannot open the file 'setup-2.5.49-1.noarch'!  Now as thats a pretty 
important file for the whole install process, I don't find this at all 
encouraging.  Upsetting even...

So what am I supposed to do here folks, install the i386 version?  Thats 
NOT what I bought an amd64 equipt box for.  And I've got about another 
10 days to sort this, load it up and drive 1000 miles for a couple of 

Cheers, Gene
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