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On Wednesday 12 April 2006 10:22, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> I can't say much here myself. However, it depends on the animation software
> that is going to be used. But graphics, eps. graphics development is always
> going to be CPU and GPU intensive.
Since graphics are not such a big deal to me, I haven't been keeping an eye on 
the issues.  I know that PCI Express was tipped to be something to watch, but 
that was a good while ago.  Since I haven't seen much mention of it recently 
I wondered if it was another thing that hadn't lived up to the promise.  The 
last thing I want to do is spend a couple of hundred pounds only to find that 
an agp card with lower ram would have done the same job.

> Any reason not to wait till the course starts and some actual work gets on
> on the current hardware to make a more knowledgeable choice?
It does seem attractive.  The only downside to that is having to do a rebuild 
after the course starts.

> Good luck.
> PS: I am going I am in university too, feel free to throw a few dollars my
> way :)

Thanks for replying 


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