Re: yum clean all doesn't seem to work

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:

I have about 5 Gbytes of old RPMs in directories under /var/cache/yum,
which I would like to clean out.  None of these commands seems to do the
        # yum clean cache
        # yum clean cache --enablerepo='*'
        # yum clean all
        # yum clean all --enablerepo='*'

I'm reluctant to do
        # cd /var/cache/yum
        # find -name '*.rpm' | xargs rm
if there's some way to remove the RPMs with yum.

Any ideas?

As a half-way house, couldn't you remove them with "rpm -e"?
Presumably this would be noted in /var/log/rpmpkgs .

That would uninstall the packages; I think the OP just wants to clear his cache.

I think the problem is that the repo names have changed since FC4 (is this an upgraded system)? yum will only operate on enabled repos, and if there is stored data for a repo that no longer exists (e.g. the "base" repo, which is called "core" in FC5), yum won't touch it. If you want to get rid of cached data for the no-longer-existing repos, you'll need to remove it yourself using rm.


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