Re: FC5 ISA Soundcard not working any more

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antonio montagnani wrote:

I refer directly to my sound card in the install/remove lines,
therefore I assume (not sure) that the alias line is not necessary.

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

I'm not sure if the alias is needed. I would assume that the programs would rely on an alias for conformity instead of each program needing to reference a particular soundcard by its driver name.

Back in the ISA days for me, I used to compile a kernel with Ethernet and sound in the kernel. Maybe since preloading modules within the initrd is possible now, running /sbin/mkinitrd --preload=snd-sbawe /boot/<kernelversion>w-sound.img would load the sound driver on boot. I'm getting experimental here so hopefully someone could answer with practical advice.


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