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Hi Radek Vokal!
NetworkManager is a "work in process" as they tell.  You sound like you may be well equiped to help this work.
Please consider:
And especially joining the list at:
Your info could be helpful to them and they more able to help you.
Good Hunting!

On 3/15/06, Radek Vokál <radekvokal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, I can't setup NetworkManager to work properly with my DHCP. After
service NetworkManager start it sets link local IP address to eth0
interface (such as 169.254.x.x), but it should call dhcpclient and get
the IP from the server. According to Ethereal capture NetworkManager
doesn't seem to send DHCP Offer to server as it should. The eth0
interface has the following configuration

# cat ifcfg-LAN

and calling ifup eth0 correctly sets the IP up (as well as service
network start)


Am I missing some configuration file or issue?
Radek Vokál <radekvokal@xxxxxxxxx>

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