Re: Does terminal mode have equivalent DOS feature?

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Linux has both 'more' and 'less' to so that you can control  the  rollingoff the screen.

Ian Malone <ibmalone@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tim Alberts wrote:
> If I'm running in run level 3 (terminal) and I issue a command, most
> of the time, the information I want is scrolled right off the screen.
> I remember from back in my MSDOS days that you could append to a
> command the '|more' and it will print information to the screen 'one
> page at a time' (kinda). Therefore, you can read all that is printed.
> Is there an equivalent in Linux when running terminal in run level 3?

Have you tried doing it?

How about less as well?

Linux/Unix is a bit cleverer than DOS though, programs have two standard
output streams, one for output and one for errors, so you may want to
have a look at 'info bash' or 'man bash': basic shell features:


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