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On Tue, 2006-02-28 at 17:54 +0000, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Lawrence R. Stumpf wrote:
> > Hello, I have Fedora Core 3 kernel 2.6.9-1.667, HPG55 printer,
> > hpG55.ppd, hpijs-1.6, and CUPS-1.1.22.
> That's pretty old. It's also out of anything but security updates. Have
> you configured the Fedora Legacy repo? Or is the computer not connected
> to the Internet?
> You might also want to try the Fedora Legacy list: FC3 is technically
> off-topic here these days. You're more likely to get other people with
> FC3 there, anyway.
> > Question #1-My BIOS asks if my
> > operating system is a plug-and-play one. Yes or no?
> These days, it should make *very* little difference. ACPI should allow
> the OS and the BIOS to sort out hardware settings anyway.
> You might as well set it to "yes".
> > Question #2-My BIOS
> > says If your operating system is OS/2 and main memory size over 64 MB
> > select OS2, otherwise select Non-OS2.
> Non-OS/2.
> It sounds like you're playing around with all the options in your BIOS
> without really understanding them. Most of these settings are "leave
> alone unless you have a problem": motherboards are designed so PC firms
> can bung together a PC quickly, bulk-install Windows onto the hard
> drive, *hopefully* run burn-in tests, and deliver to the customers.
> There isn't time for them to tweak umpteen settings.
> And Linux is generally happy with that: either manufacturers ignore
> Linux (so there isn't a "make Linux work" option), or they make Linux
> Just Work. In any case, Linux is much better at working with the way PCs
> *actually* work than OS/2 or SCO Unix [1] were.
> > #3-In my BIOS I have selected the ECP mode for the Onboard Parallel
> > Port. The ECP mode asks which Direct Memory Access channel, 3 or 1.
> > Which should I select?
> These days, they aren't directly used by anything else, and the system
> can work around whichever you choose.
> > Question #4-My HPG55 printer works fine in
> > parallel hookup but does not print in usb hookup. lpinfo -v recognizes
> > the printer as direct usb. lsusb shows Bus 002 Device 002:ID 03f0:0011
> > Hewlett-Packard. However /dev/usb/ file shows lp0 with 0 bytes and -rw-
> > rw--- instead of crw-rw=== 1 lp sys 180. I think Fedora Core 3 is
> > creating a regular lp0 file instead of a device node. What should I do
> > now?
> Fedora Core 3 included udev for the first time. It took a bit of shaking
> out. Do you have all the updates installed? What do
> rpm -q udev hal
> rpm -V udev hal
> return?
>    rpm -q udev hal shows udev-039.8.FC3, rpm -V udev hal shows nothing. Thanks, Larry
> James.
> [1] The other traditional culprit that needed special-handling.
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