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On Tue, 2006-02-28 at 20:17 -0500, Don Bedsole wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've noticed on my firewall log a couple of tcp connection attempts (from 
> different IPs) with port 6000 as the source port on the remote host and port 
> 7212 as the destination port on my box.  Is there another application besides 
> XWindows that uses port 6000 and that someone would be using to try to 
> connect to me?
doubtful - it's the destination port that counts
>   I'm not concerned about, obviously my firewall is working.  
> But I thought if I asked, I might learn something.  Thank you.
> Also, a question about list etiquette.  After someone answers your question, 
> is it ok to post a thank you message?  
yes it's ok - probably more important to say this resolved my problem to
leave tracks for others that may go down your path and perhaps can find
it in the archives - if it's particularly a troublesome problem...
adding [SOLVED] to the subject is a good thing to do too.


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