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Marc M wrote:

> I am wondering if it is a better test-taking strategy to try the lower
> level certifications first before attempting RHCE.  In my case it's not
> so much a question of experience, it's more a question of not wanting to
> gamble exam fee of $750. 
> If anyone else has any other angles on this it would be great to hear. 
> Has anyone used redhat's online training to fill in gaps and/or prepare
> for the certifications?  Curious to know how that went. 

I took a four-day RH300 course with RHAT with the exam on the fifth day.
 The course was really quite good, I learnt some things I didn't know I
didn't know and some that I knew I didn't know.  You have to sign a
"First Rule of RHCE Club" type thing, so there is little info out there
and I won't add much to it.  Before the course and the exam I read how
'brutal' the exam is (which scared me to death), and while that was true
it correctly represented the kind of situations you really have to
tackle if you are responsible for boxes other people are using.  In the
end I was glad of all the prep and fear even though most of it was needless.

The way it was set up when I took it you can still get an RHCT if you
scored under what is needed for an RHCE.  And in any event you get the
Most Expensive Teeshirt In Your Wardrobe.

Good advice if you can't burn the money on a course is to review a year
of this ml, taking an interest in the people in the worst trouble.  Run
Fedora or CentOS daily and don't be afraid to get into and out of scrapes.


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