Re: ALT+CNTRL+F1-F6 blank display!!

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2006-02-15 (水) の 11:41 -0600 に Mikkel L. Ellertson さんは書きました:
> Joel Rees wrote:
> > It would not give me virtual consoles at all on a fresh install of FC4
> > until I updated, but I searched for "virtual consoles FC4" or something
> > and found a bug report that said updating fixed it.
> > 
> > Now I discover that ctl-alt-Fn takes me to the text terminals from the
> > X11 terminal, but to get back I have to use MSCMDkey-alt-Fn. (You know,
> > that key with the wavy MSWindow flaggy on it.)
> > 
> What happens if you hit Alt-F7 from the text terminal?

Huh. That works too. Didn't work from the fresh install, IIRC, but I
guess I didn't try that after the update.

The ctl-alt combinations seem to be eaten by the hardware before
anything in FC sees them. F5, for instance, with control or without,
makes the screen "real", giving sharp but tiny characters in the middle
of a tiny screen on text consoles. Fn-F3 seems to be intended for
switching displays or something, but of course FC doesn't handle it the
way NEC designed it to be handled.

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