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On Friday 10 February 2006 18:16, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Hmm - when I'm sure that I can't get anything else useful off it, I'll
> > try that.  I've got FC4 installing at the moment on the new drive.  I
> > installed the old one as slave, but the FC4 installer tells me that it
> > can't read the partition table.  That's odd, because knoppix could read
> > it.
> >
> > Anne
> Do you have the drive defined in the BIOS that same way as when it
> was the master drive? Is it an older machine that required you to
> install some software on the drive to get it to work?
Well, after a little experimentation I have a result - though I don't really 
know why.

The hda drive says, on its label, that as a standalone drive you should use no 
jumpers.  As a master with a slave, it needs a jumper on the centre two pins.  
That's the way I had set it up when it tried to boot Mandriva.  I 
disconnected hdb, leaving hda untouched, and got no further than the 
motherboard splash screen.  I re-connected it, but took off the jumper - 
'standalone', remember - and now FC boots, and 'fdisk -l' can list the 
partitions on hdb!

I have one other drive that I need to check out before putting this one back 
and adding permanent additions to fstab.  Fingers crossed ;-)


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