Re: Issuse installing either i386 or x86_64

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Alessandro Brezzi wrote:
2006/2/5, Chris racerx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:racerx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

    Hmm - that seems a bit extreme. I have gone as far as to try installing
    the boot loader on the same drive as the OS, but still no dice.

    I mentioned that when the kernel panics it freezes and at that point,
    both scroll lock and caps lock lights are flashing.
    Only a hard boot brings me back. I mention this in hopes that someone
has experienced the same - maybe on a different PC. I had a similar problem in the past (FC1 .... long ago). It turned out to be a memory problem. have you done a memory stress test with memtest86 ? (the 32bit version is fine)
XP is not a valid test for the matter.
HTH --
Alessandro Brezzi

Understood - however, This being a new pc (not even a month old) and I have run FreeBSD 6 on it without issues. Be that as it may - I doubt that is the issue.

However, I am willing to remove that as a *possibility*. I still aim on either FC4 or CentOS, and the project for the day (untill I manage to find a Linux solution) I am going to install NetBSD on the secondary SATA drive just for shits and giggles.

Best regards,

Never create a problem for which you do not have
the answer.

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