Re: YUM error handling

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>> It ought to just change to another mirror, at that point, with 
>> short sensible explanation to the user watching the output.
>>  Likewise for forbidden/denied HTTP errors.
>> e.g. HTTP access error (404), trying another mirror.
>> At the moment it blithely ignores error messages, and attempts to
>> parse whatever's presented along with the error code as if it
>> were the repo XML data file.

Mike Klinke:
> I'm not sure what you're referring to, perhaps this is an FC4/FC5 
> thing? 

Yes, sorry, I really should have specified I was using FC4.

> On FC1/FC3 the simple error message you refer to is about all that's
> displayed and yum moves on to the next randomly picked server.  I've
> never noticed anything even remotely annoying on a 404 error as far as
> I can recall.

What you'll see is a whole slew of parsing error messages.  There's
quite a few examples of them in messages posted on this list.  For that
reason, I didn't bother to provide an example, and I don't know when
I'll get another to post a sample, now.

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