Re: belkin wireless g+ desktop card support?

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Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 29 Jan 2006 15:59, Neil Cherry wrote:
If your using the ipw2200 then you've got an Intel mini-PCI card
in your Acer.

Apologies - you're right. The wireless connection is Intel, the cabled connection is Broadcom.

My laptop has a broadcom chip (can't use the ipw2200 care because it's an AMD, grr)

Really?  The ipw2200 driver doesn't work on AMD?  I hadn't heard that.

I thought it was weird also. The laptop is a Compaq Presario. It
has an Athlon chipset. If you put the ipw2200 in it won't get
past the BIOS check. It comes back with an unrecognized wireless
card and requests it be removed.

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