Re: Fetchmail socket problem

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From: "Anne Wilson" <cannewilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Monday 23 Jan 2006 20:43, jdow wrote:

Make sure nothing else is calling procmail or forwarding back to your
mail address. Log hits might be interesting. At least that will tell
dovecot where to go to get the mail. Er, make sure kmail is NOT doing
the fetchmail and procmail from the same rc file. That could cause a
loop. (I am concluding based on two people with kmail problems that
kmail is its own best punishment for using it.)

If I leave kmail alone on that box and try to read from here that should be sufficient safeguard, I think.

It's late now, and I don't think to clearly at this time of night. I have to work out why the transport maps were working, but aren't now. I'll tackle that in the morning. Thanks for the help so far.

Nite nite!

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