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From: "Bart Couvreur" <dencouf@xxxxxxxxx>

2006/1/22, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
jdow wrote:
> From: "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx>
>> It seems that you have subscribed to the fedora-list at some point,
>> but forgot to set you anti-spam filters to receive email from the
>> list. Now, everytime that somebody posts to the list, they get your
>> atnispam message.
>> Please write back to me at dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx so that I can explain
>> to you what you need to do to fix this. You can either unsubscribe
>> from the list, or fix your spam filters.
>> Thank you.
>> Dotan Cohen
> It's hopeless, Dotan. Simply block the antispam messages from
> and drop them. (Or simply block the entire ISP.) I do the former with
> a simply procmail rule. It comes in and is redirected to /dev/null.
> {^_^}
Now, if everyone redirected the messages to the postmaster, maybe we
could fill up his/her/its mailbox. But I suspect that all message to
the postmaster just get routed to /dev/null...


Maybe Eliot Lee could give the problematic e-mailadres. I suppose he
sent his mail on the Fedora Foundation to everyone on the list, so I
suppose also to this e-mailadres. Maybe he could track it down, so the
listadmin could get rid of it, for once and for good.

I believe it has been tracked down once before, the offender knocked
off the list, and offender rejoined the list. Furthermore offender
refuses to turn off the uol anti-spam option. It is a relay through
gmail, I believe. The only thing to do is to block the anti-spam messages
individually so that the bozoid never gets then benefit of any of our

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