Re: 'GPL encumbrance problems'

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On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Les Mikesell wrote:

> I don't recall mentioning any contributions or lack thereof.  My
> complaint is as an end user, not being able to have certain
> things in addition to the GPL'd parts for the incremental cost
> of adding them.  Or more realistically, being forced to use

As an end user, you don't have any encumbrance problem.
End users can mix and match as they see fit.
Apparently you are not just an end user, you distribute.

If you *really* want to distribute proprietary software that
needs GPL software, here is what you do:
Get the *documentation* on the GPL software.
Write your own code using that documentation.
Send your binaries to your customers along with documentation
telling them about the GPL stuff they need.
Since you never have the GPL software,
you do not have to accept the license.
In principle, your customers are affected by the license,
but since they can't distribute at all, that doesn't matter.

Debugging is left as an exercise for the reader.

Mike   hennebry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Demons after money?  Whatever happened to the still-beating heart
of a virgin?  No one has any standards any more."  -- Rupert Giles

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