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>>> You're not listening, Rahul. That leads me to wonder just who

>> If you look at what you're asking it boils down to asking some guys paid
>> by Redhat to spend time and effort they could spend elsewhere continuing
>> to give their high quality security coverage to what is now an older OS,
>> for free.  I have a remote server that is FC3, it came with FC3 and the

> I've been giving my time, freely, for free for almost ten years, and
> before the Internet, to chess organisations.

> The value of the time I've given is way more than RH would have got had

Apologies for missing this reply until now.

So.  You work with chess organisations for some years.

Redhat engineers must therefore reprioritize their lives around
providing security fixes for older releases of Fedora Core, because that
is what you would like, due to your karmic chess-related bank account
bursting at the seams.

Man if only I had known about this when I was younger, I could have
gotten so many hot dates bending women to my will like toffee with this
new exchange rate system between working with chess organisations and
getting random people to spend their limited time on the face of our
planet doing what I want just because of the supreme moral authority
invested in me by my chess activities.  Of course in my case, not
knowing this special power would accrue, I did not spend any time with
chess organizations, but boy I sure would have.  You sure kept this to
yourself!!!  But I'm glad you finally shared the secret so future
generations can take advantage of the system.  Thank you.


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