Re: Anybody has some experience with bonding driver?

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--- Craig McLean <craig@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> valentin antonescu wrote:
> >  Hi all,
> > 
> >  I'm not a sysadmin professional and I had to
> install
> > the bonding driver under FC4. As it was expected I
> run
> > into some problems and I hope I can find here some
> > experienced people who can give me some hints
> about
> > it. I tried to post a description of the problem
> here:
> >
> > Any insights would be appreciated.
> Hi Valentin,
> I've had a look at your setup, and the only thing
> that occurs to me is
> that perhaps the network is not configured as you
> think it is. Forgive
> me, and let me explain why I think this.
> The MII status of the ethernet device is dictated by
> the physical link
> presence on the wire. If eth1 is telling you its MII
> status is down,
> then you can believe it pretty much 100%. Therefore:
> 1) Perhaps switch-2 and switch-1 are "back to
> front"?
> 2) Perhaps eth0 and eth1 are "back to front"?
> (My money would be on 2)
> Are you physically close to the servers? Can you
> *physically* pull the
> cable from what you believe to be eth1 and see what
> errors you get?
> Likewise the "g11" link from the switch?
> That's all I can think of!
> Regards,
> C.

 First thank you for your answer. Second it is not the
case you described. If I leave only one machine online
the bonding works very well. As soon as I bring online
the second machine the bonding starts going crazy. I
have the same configuration in both and it doesn't
matter which one I shutdown and which one I let
running. I also configured the bonding in
active-backup mode with ARP monitoring, and as the
documetation describe MII Status field in this case
has no relevance. "down" doesn't mean the carrier
signal is lost but the gateway cannot be reached like
before (doesn't answer anymore to arpinging)
 As a side note I tried the same configuration with
MII monitoring and it works perfectly. The downside of
it is that I cannot find out when connections beyond
the first switches are going down :(

 thanks again,

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