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It would be useful if you could post the output of yum,
> or the list of packages that were removed (you could look in
> /var/log/yum.log). It may even be a bug in the yum dependency resolver.
> But without the details, it's impossible to tell. If you have the
> information, it would be very useful to packagers though.

Okay!  I decided to see if I could help, I entered the following
command and chose no so as not to trash one of my systems.

yum remove gnome*<enter>

below is the list of packages that would have been removed had I
proceeded with the uninstall.

Note, this is a clean install of Fedora 4 with all updates applied. 
The only packages outside of the fedora stock install is xmms-mp3 and
the mythtv suite.

I did this because I too wanted to uninstall gnome one time, but when
I saw the list if dependency removals I opted not to proceed, as I
knew that it would trash my install.

Pay particular attention to the dependency removals.

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 gnome-applets           i386  installed          30 M
 gnome-audio             noarch     2.0.0-3          installed         1.4 M
 gnome-backgrounds       noarch  installed         1.8 M
 gnome-desktop           i386  installed         1.4 M
 gnome-doc-utils         noarch  installed         977 k
 gnome-games             i386  installed          19 M
 gnome-icon-theme        noarch  installed         3.4 M
 gnome-kerberos          i386       0.3.3-2          installed          74 k
 gnome-keyring           i386  installed         594 k
 gnome-keyring-manager   i386  installed         709 k
 gnome-libs              i386       1:  installed         2.9 M
 gnome-mag               i386  installed         336 k
 gnome-media             i386  installed         5.5 M
 gnome-menus             i386  installed         235 k
 gnome-menus             i386  installed         450 k
 gnome-mime-data         i386       2.4.2-1          installed         3.4 M
 gnome-netstatus         i386  installed         974 k
 gnome-panel             i386  installed         8.8 M
 gnome-pilot             i386       2.0.13-5.fc4     installed         1.7 M
 gnome-print             i386       1:0.37-11        installed         1.1 M
 gnome-python2           i386  installed         579 k
 gnome-python2-bonobo    i386  installed         167 k
 gnome-python2-canvas    i386  installed         158 k
 gnome-python2-extras    i386  installed         156 k
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386  installed          40 k
 gnome-python2-gtkhtml2  i386  installed          18 k
 gnome-session           i386  installed         1.2 M
 gnome-speech            i386  installed         141 k
 gnome-spell             i386       1.0.5-10         installed         188 k
 gnome-system-monitor    i386  installed         1.9 M
 gnome-system-tools      i386  installed         5.1 M
 gnome-terminal          i386  installed         7.1 M
 gnome-themes            noarch  installed         3.2 M
 gnome-themes-extras     i386  installed          20 M
 gnome-user-docs         noarch     2.8.1-2          installed         1.9 M
 gnome-utils             i386  installed          15 M
 gnome-vfs2              i386  installed         4.3 M
 gnome-vfs2-smb          i386  installed          27 k
 gnome-vfsmm26           i386  installed         259 k
 gnome-volume-manager    i386  installed         1.4 M
 gnomemeeting            i386  installed         8.9 M
Removing for dependencies:
 Guppi                   i386       0.40.3-23        installed         1.4 M
 NetworkManager-gnome    i386       0.5.1-1.FC4.4    installed         294 k
 control-center          i386  installed         7.4 M
 desktop-printing        i386       0.18-10          installed         270 k
 dia                     i386       1:0.94-12.fc4    installed         8.5 M
 eel2                    i386  installed         1.2 M
 eog                     i386  installed         2.1 M
 evolution               i386  installed          28 M
 evolution-data-server   i386  installed          12 M
 evolution-webcal        i386  installed         283 k
 fast-user-switch-applet  i386  installed         472 k
 file-roller             i386  installed         3.1 M
 firefox                 i386   installed          30 M
 firstboot               noarch     1.3.42-1         installed         800 k
 gaim                    i386  installed          11 M
 gconf-editor            i386  installed         869 k
 gdk-pixbuf-gnome        i386       1:0.22.0-18.fc4.2  installed          12 k
 gdm                     i386  installed   
     9.1 M
 gedit                   i386  installed          13 M
 gimp                    i386  installed          51 M
 gimp-data-extras        noarch     2.0.1-1          installed         7.6 M
 gimp-gap                i386       2.0.2-4          installed         2.9 M
 gimp-help               noarch     2-  installed          35 M
 gimp-print-plugin       i386       4.2.7-7          installed         191 k
 gnopernicus             i386  installed         6.3 M
 gnucash                 i386       1.8.11-3         installed          35 M
 gok                     i386  installed         7.3 M
 gstreamer-plugins       i386  installed         4.2 M
 gthumb                  i386  installed         5.2 M
 gtkhtml                 i386       1.1.9-11         installed         1.4 M
 gtkhtml2                i386       2.6.3-1          installed         369 k
 gtkhtml3                i386  installed         2.6 M
 hwbrowser               noarch     0.21-1           installed         206 k
 krb5-auth-dialog        i386       0.2-5            installed          18 k
 libbonoboui             i386  installed         1.2 M
 libgail-gnome           i386       1.1.0-5          installed          59 k
 libgal2                 i386  installed         2.2 M
 libglade                i386       1:0.17-16        installed         243 k
 libgnome                i386  installed         2.9 M
 libgnomedb              i386  installed         2.2 M
 libgnomemm26            i386  installed          66 k
 libgnomeprint15         i386       1:0.37-11        installed         511 k
 libgnomeui              i386  installed         2.9 M
 libgnomeuimm26          i386  installed         470 k
 libgsf                  i386  installed         234 k
 librsvg2                i386  installed         375 k
 libwpd                  i386  installed         441 k
 libwpd-tools            i386  installed          52 k
 mozilla                 i386       37:1.7.12-1.5.1  installed          25 M
 nautilus                i386  installed          11 M
 nautilus-cd-burner      i386  installed         1.2 M     i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed          15 M     i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         210 M     i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         2.7 M  i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed  
      368 k  i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         4.3 M  i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         113 k     i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         3.1 M    i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         237 k   i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         5.8 M  i386       1:2.0.1-143.2.1  installed         210 k
 planner                 i386       0.13-2           installed         4.1 M
 rhn-applet              i386  installed         895 k
 system-config-httpd     noarch     5:1.3.2-2        installed         1.6 M
 system-config-lvm       noarch     0.9.32-1.0       installed         647 k
 system-config-network   noarch     1.3.26-1         installed         2.1 M
 system-config-packages  noarch     1.2.25-1         installed         1.1 M
 system-config-printer-gui  i386      installed         440 k
 up2date-gnome           i386  installed   
     661 k
 vino                    i386  installed         1.1 M
 xine                    i386       0.99.4-1.2.fc4.rf  installed         3.5 M
 xine-lib                i386       1.1.0-1.2.fc4.rf  installed         8.4 M
 xine-lib-devel          i386       1.1.0-1.2.fc4.rf  installed         605 k
 xine-skins              noarch     1.10-2.2.fc4.rf  installed         4.0 M
 xsane-gimp              i386       0.95-3           installed         561 k

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