Re: Slow Writing to Lexar Jump Drive

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On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 17:33 -0600, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
> >>>>> "CM" == Charlie McVeigh <[email protected]> writes:
> CM> However when automounted on my FC3 desktop the write speed is
> CM> still 24 minutes to write the same 4.5 MB file.  Fast on Windows
> CM> slow on Fedora - any one have any suggestions?
> It will be slow if mounted with the "sync" option.  Under FC3 this is
> the default; I hacked HAL to drop the "sync".  My hacked HAL packages
> are at
> These packages also include the fix for the floppy mounting problem.
>  - J<

Thanks for the responses so far.  The Jump Drive is being mounted with
the sync option.

Is it possible to change a configuration file to get the desired mount
without the sync option?   If I need to install the RPM's from the link
above do I install them all?


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