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Am Sa, den 18.06.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 18:51:

> Thank you, Alexander. I was hoping you would have the time/inclination 
> to respond.
> I do have a 2.8 P4 with hyperthreading, but you say that I 'may' want to 
> use this kernel. What considerations should govern this decision, or is 
> there a page that discusses this more in depth that you can refer me to?

> Claude Jones

Here I am :)
I said "may" because it should not sound as a general recommendation to
use the Hyperthreading mode of your processor. In many cases
Hyperthreading (virtually 2 CPUs while being physically 1 single CPU
core) can improve the operation speed. If running several applications
in parallel you can have the feeling that applications react more
smoothly. On the other hand I remember reports where active
Hyperthreading reduced the CPU operation speed over all. So it depends
on what you are doing in specific with your system.


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