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On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 01:40:22 AM +0300, Kumara
([email protected]) wrote:

> > >>- please place the new text below the quoted part of previous mail text
> > >>_and_ reasonable strip down the part you quote
> >
> I take advantage of this chance. Please, tell me is there any mistakes in
> THIS post. so that I can make sure or get corrected myself in posting
> properly.

Only the fact that you forgot what was written above, that is don't
resend to anybody and to the list archive a bunch of already received
(sometimes paid) text.

	Marco F.

Marco Fioretti                    mfioretti, at the server
Red Hat & Fedora for low memory

None can love freedom heartily but good men; the rest love not freedom
but license.                                               John Milton

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