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Richard S. Crawford wrote:

I'm not upset about not receiving any responses, but I am curious: I've
Googled on this issue until my fingers bleed, and I've found that there
have been several other people who've experienced similar issues, but I
have found no solutions to date.  When I browse archives of other lists
where a similar problem is reported, no responses were offered there

Is this an insignificant problem?  Or simply so rare that there has been
no attention paid to it?  Did I ask my question badly and offend someone?

I've installed RH7.1, 7.2, 8, 9, FC1, 2 and 3 on literally hundreds of boxes, and never had an issue with a NIC. Not once! Never! Therefore I vote that its a rare problem and not enough people have experience with your issue.

Why not specify (re-specify?) the hardware you're running as your latest email provides no details, and I've long since nuked the hundreds of emails I've gotten from this list prior to a few hours ago. Without looking at the archives, I'd bet its a laptop. Am I right?

Bill Gradwohl
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