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Michael Scottaline wrote:
On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 11:00:32 +0100
soraberri <[email protected]> insightfully noted:

S>Hi all
S>maybe there is a simple to way to solve this nuisance but I didn't find S>it, maybe you could suggest me one:
S>when I'm for example browsing through the filesystem as a non-root user S>and I open a text file wich I want to edit, change and save, how can I S>"su" to root in order to do it in the same graphical desktop enviroment?
S>I mean: what is the equivalent to the su command for the desktop?
Once you find the file you want to edit, launch a terminal, su to root and
then issue the command to open the editor of your choice. Once the editor
is open (remember root is now running that editor) you can browse to and
edit the file. As with most things Linux, there are a number of other
ways to accomplish this (such as running the file manager as root,

thanks Mike
from your words I understand that there isn't actually a direct way to switch to a root sesion as if you had eventually loged in as root, rigth?. Well, I think it makes sense if we think about Linux process management so every and each process is running with particular privileges...
Anyway, it could be interesting to run the file manager as root without the need of the terminal, or even switch to root from the file manager itself. Do you know if it's possible?

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