Re: Coldfusion MX Installer problem

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On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:01:56 +0100, Andre Speelmans <andre@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Stormblaze wrote:
> > Same error. The installer is one file. I don't know how to unpack
> > anything manually with it. It's a self installer. Hadn't had much
> > experience with those on *nix. It could be a corrupted file. I tried
> > downloading it twice. If it's corrupted at the source or something in
> > my download process is corrupting it I don't know. I can try to
> > download it again later using different stuff and see if it works
> > then.
> If you mail me the file off list, I'll try to unpack it myself. If you
> downloaded it twice, it isn't likely a corrupted file. But to make sure,
> please also send me the link where to get the file, so I can download it
> myself if needed.
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> Regards,
> André
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Sure thing. Which address do you want me to send it to?

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