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Jeff Vian wrote:

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 01:13 -0600, Gustavo Seabra wrote:

M.Hockings wrote:

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

Thanks Mike,

I tried the Hardware Browser, and put the results down here. Interestingly, there are 3 mentions of (apparently) the same device, all 3 very similar, but none really is my soundcard! Also, the same device is cited as a soundcard and as unknown! I think I will post this at the developer's list. Thanks.


Interesting, I also see two devices in the unknown category (didn't look there before :-) Both are labeled as Onboard PnP Audio, one is CSC0101 with driver ns558 and the other is CSC0103 with driver unknown. Since the Crystal audio stuff also has Midi and joystick capabilities I will presume that is what these two entries are for?

In any case if you make some progress in this I would be most interested. Sound may not be significant but it is nice.



At least in my case, the soudcard detector couldn't find my card beacause it's ISA. Anyway, since the system shows something there, it seemed to be working somehow. So, I opened the sound mixer (KMix, in KDE) and put all the volumes to the maximum and turned my speaker volume up: there was it! I could hear the sounds! What seemed to be the problem is that for some obscure reason Fedora sets the volume too low, and then we just don't hear it. (I tried Knoppix and the sounds came out just right from the start.)

Someone ought to fix this in a future release...

Sound has been being installed that way since at least the 7.X days. I don't know about earlier since I never used sound on the earlier versions.

I agree it should be fixed, but how?  When users have a variety of
choice for mixers, and the mixer volumes are what are turned down.

I would also prefer to have the volumes be turned clear down rather than
turned all the way up and maybe damage speakers or amps (and my ears).
So the way it is would likely be better than the possible alternatives.

Hope that helps you too,


Gustavo Seabra - Graduate Student
Chemistry Department
Kansas State University


At least in my case, the mixer volumes weren't all turned down. Actually, they were all in the mid-setting, which is reasonable. However, for my soundcard, this turns out to be extremely low, almost mute!

I'm not suggestiong to change the settings. Fedora used ALSA driver for my system; when I tried with Knoppix all worked well, but knoppix uses the OSS driver instead. So I wonder if this isn't a problem with the ALSA driver (not Fedora itself).


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