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Am Di, den 28.09.2004 schrieb Kiwi-Hawk um 2:22:

> I'm trying to do this at the moment too and I have beinging there is a
> problem
> with the rivafd module if thats being loaded (don't know where to kill it)
> and
> I now get the Nvidia logo and it dies (can't load default font "fixed".
> This is if I start from startx if I run init 5 it recycles at the logo and I
> can no NOT A THING,.. my boot log states that mdadpd (from memory I'm
> writing this
> from Windoz as I have no access to Linux at this point) fails to load at
> boot time

> Pete

Be sure xfs is running: service xfs status
If it is off, then run: service xfs start


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