Re: Belkin trackball problems (was: mouse problems in anaconda)

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On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 21:42, linux r wrote:
> Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make a trackball operate
> better?  I am about ready to pull my hair out and go to some other
> type of mouse (any suggestions for FC that works great pls let me
> know).  With the trackball, you have to get a 'running start' on the
> screen, then of course you overshoot your destination.  Small precise
> movements are hell.  This is exactly the *opposite* of what I was
> hoping to achieve!  Funny this worked fine with RH8  &  9....I always
> just take the default selection for generic three button and it would
> be ok.
> When I run redhat-config-mouse I get some choices but none for my
> belkin trackball.  Is there a trick or something else good that I can
> substitute?  I am thinking maybe 'kensington' which seems a little
> closer than some of the other choices.  Does anyone know what exactly
> it is detecting, surely it isn't actual manufacturer identifiers,
> probably just the general type of device anyway.  I will continue to
> play with this but as it is my only system at the moment I don't want
> to hose it.  :)
> Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated.  
> linuxr

Try adding psmouse.proto=imps to your kernel parameters.

Not sure this will help but it is worth a shot.  If imps does not help
try using bare.

Scot L. Harris
[email protected]

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