Re: Modules question

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On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 07:29, Thomas E. Dukes wrote:
> Hello,
> About a year ago, I installed an ide CDRW.  I added the following lines to
> modules.conf:
> options ide-cd ignore=hdb
> pre-install sg     modprobe ide-scsi # load ide-scsi before sg
> pre-install sr_mod modprobe ide-scsi # load ide-scsi before sr_mod
> pre-install ide-scsi modprobe ide-cd # load ide-cd   before ide-scsi

modprobe ide-scsi handles all that in the  proper sequence.

> Since upgrading from RH 9 to FC 2, I now get "fatal error" at boot up for sg
> module. What is the sg module?  The reason I ask is that under RH 9, I
> always got an error about sound.  My mother board does not have sound nor do
> I have a sound card.  So I'm sure that's why I got the sound error under RH
> 9.  
> Is the sg module for sound?  If so, can I comment it out without affecting
> the operation of the CDRW?

The sg module is the raw scsi device.

the module ide-scsi is not needed nor recommended for use with FC2.  The
2.6 kernel is able to use the ATAPI device for cd burning.

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