Re: The Best ADSL Modem?

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After some ADSL experience here in austria (europe ;-) i can recommend
modems that use the ethernet port. i configured a numer of USB modems on
fedora (alcatel speedtouch) but it was much more complicated to get them
runnig than the ethernet ones. keep away your fingers of this crap!

ciao, nico.

> Hi
> After more than 13 years of using dial-up to connect to Internet I am
> planning right now to use ADSL and I am searching right now for the
> best ADSL modem that support Linux very good.
> I don't need an expensive one , I want it to be fast modem and support
> Linux .
> I hope it doesn't support windows :)

NEU: WLAN-Router für 0,- EUR* - auch für DSL-Wechsler!
GMX DSL = supergünstig & kabellos

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