Re: Convert CDIR notation to IP range

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jdow wrote:
Well, at least don't purport to be a computer Ubergeek. Be might be a
mechanical engineering Ubergeek, a chemistry Ubergeek, a carnival worker
who bites heads off BIG chickens, or anything like that. He's NOT a
computer geek, let alone Ubergeek, if he can't do the binary or hex
translations of numbers through 255 virtually by rote. Ubergeeks can
perform hexidecimal multiplication in their heads.


Hmmm...not a computer geek? Gee, then I guess my boss has been paying me for nothing. Good lord, did the qmail list suddenly migrate over here?

Guess I could be worse...I could be posting to a Linux list from a M$ machine using Outlook.

John C. Nichel
[email protected]

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