Re: [OT] Small Form Factor PCs

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On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 03:09, - - s r b - - wrote:

> > My basic desire is to set up a SFF file server for the various household
> > PCs to connect to.  My requirements are pretty much that it be able to
> > house a 200GB+ HD and have it run Linux....  I also am looking to have
> > something that will be lower power consumption.....
> > 
> > --Rob
> I saw a VIA Mini-ITX board at the RealWorldLinux conference last April 
> and was very impressed!
> I have no experience with these yet (I'm still hoping to build one 
> eventually), but they have ultra-low power consumption and are supposed 
> to be VERY quiet. Another good site if this looks interesting, is: 
> This one looks very nice, although a little pricey: 
I've been running FC1 on mini-ITX for some time. In fact using one to
post this! They would fit Rob's requirements very well - quiet and low
Be aware though that there is an issue with booting FC2 on the C3 models
(there's been a recent thread on this list).

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