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Richard Emberson wrote:

Jose Luis Ricardo Chavez wrote:

Richard Emberson wrote:

I've got a FC2 system and a scsi disk with /boot and /.
In addition, I have two other scsi disks with /home and /usr/local
on them (call the disks A and B). Both of these disks
have their IDs set to 6.
When I boot the system with disk A, disk A can be found and
the boot succeeds. When I replace disk A with disk B, disk B
can not be found and the boot fails.
Other than the possibility that disk B is bad, what else
could be the cause?

The boot disk is a 7500rpm Quantum.
Disk A is a 10000rpm Maxtor.
Disk B is a 7500rpm Quantum.
Back in my RedHat 9 days, the system used both Quantum disks.



Are both disks using the same SCSI id while connected to the same cable
(SCSI channel)? As far as I remember there is not a "cable select" option
when using SCSI disks, both disks should use different id's. Put the lowest
id on the boot disk (A). If the disks are connected to different SCSI channels
then maybe there is a problem with one of them.
- Jose Luis

The boot disk is always on the cable. Only one of the disks A and B
are on the cable at one time.

Ok, you have three disks, the boot disk is permanently connected and you connect
disk A or B when needed. Is the SCSI BIOS detecting disk B?

- Jose Luis

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