Re: Initial Problems with FC1

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Am Sa, den 01.05.2004 schrieb Dick Roth um 08:05:

> Well I've dug a hole and can't seem to get out:
> Can't update via up2date because it says I am not associated with any
> channels. (When I first installed a few hours ago, I was associated with
> two default channels, but they have disappeared.)

If you signed up with RHN, then that was a fault.

> I tried downloading the latest up2date manually, but when running rpm it
> came back with an error:
> error: up2date-4.1.21-3.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID 4f2a6fd2
> error: up2date-4.1.21-3.i386.rpm cannot be installed
> I don't understand this at all!  What key do I need and where do I get
> it?

rpm --import /usr/share/doc/fedora-release-1/RPM-GPG-KEY

> I'm stymied.  I have lots of software to load and/or upgrade, but I know
> there are a whole bunch of packages that need updates.
> Can someone lend a few words of help to get me going?

In /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources change up2date default to be commented
with a leading #, in the case you signed up RHN. And then see

on how to setup the usage of a mirror server source being near to your

For updating it is a good advice and saves some time if you do not
update the whole bunch at one time. Just select only parts of the
packages available for updating. And for updating XFree86 I would
recommend you switch to runlevel 3 first, using command init 3, to
ensure no X is running . You then have to use up2date-nox on command

> Thanks for your patience,
> Dick


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