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this is to both the person who posted 'Is linux always so frustrating" and to the original poster of this thread.

fedora can be made very easy, but you both have to remember things are EVOLVING.  there is no ''final'' product, as far as i can tell... mainly because fedora doesn't have a business plan, it is free software from the core on out.

now, as far as installing/removing software, i've found the easiest way (if you're a gui fanatic) is to use synaptic (which is not a part of the default install, but should be when fedora core 3 comes out, in about 8+ months).

you can install the fedora team's extra packages (slowly merging with the redhat sponsored fedora core).  instructions can be found on my website at:

the instructions will walk you through installing apt and then synaptic (which is a gui frontend to apt).

synaptic will have 100% of the software available on the installation discs, tons of additional software, and the updates for both when they come out.

also, if you're looking for things like media format support (mp3/quicktime/wmv/wma/divx/dvd), you can add other repositories to synaptic (apt/synaptic have the ability to pull software from several different sites without having to reconfigure between them).

there's tons of software out there, it's a matter of adding these repositories to synaptic (instructions can be found on each of these sites) and go forward.

or, you can just cut and paste this into (after you've installed apt and synaptic) /etc/apt/sources.list.d/extra.list

#'s Fedora Core 1 repository
rpm fedora/linux/1/i386 core updates freshrpms
# NewRPMs Repository
rpm redhat/en/i386/fc1 newrpms
# java from
rpm 1.5/fedora-1 free
#'s repository (
rpm fedora/linux/1/i386 production
# Dries APT Repository for Fedora Core 1 (
rpm apt/fedora/fc1/i386 dries


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From: "William Hooper" <whooperhsd3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 12:11:13 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Re: Some problems getting started

> Dov Zamir said:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I am more or less a newb (I last tried Linux about 10 years ago). I
> > installed RH9 and then upgraded to FC1. My hardware is an ECS K7SOM+
> > (thatÅ? a SIS730 chipset) with an AMD processor with 256MB RAM.
> >
> > I originally installed everything, planning to prune what I don need as
> > time goes on. But when I try to uninstall packages, like the development
> > packages, I get an error message saying that I have to install about a
> > dozen different packages before I can uninstall? Any ideas whatÅ? going
> > on?
> This sounds like you are trying to use the "Add/Remove Packages"
> (redhat-config-packages).  This program has a limitation in that it only
> knows about the packages on the original CDs.  As you do the normal
> updates, r-c-p's idea of reality and what you have installed gets further
> out of sync.
> As others have suggested:
> Installing everything isn't a good starting point
> Yum is a more reliable after packages have been upgraded from their
> original version.
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> William Hooper
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