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Ken Chamberlain wrote:

My monitor died today.  :(

I plugged in an old 14"er that was sitting around, but it doesn't have
the capabilities of the other monitor.  How can I configure GDM for a
different monitor?  The graphical display was unreadable.  I was able to
CNTL-ALT-F3 and login to a text based display and switch to "init 3"
mode so that GDM and X and all the graphical tasks are not running.  Now
I would like to get graphical mode working with the new monitor.  In
case the broken monitor is repairable, is there configuration files I
can backup to make falling back to the current configuration easier?

Edit /etc/X11/XFconfig to make changes that will support your new (old) monitor.
Make a backup before you start to save the original config
You may need to change some of the HorizSync and VertRefresh parameters in the Monitor section as well as resolution in the Screen section.

After making the changes use startx to test before you switch the runlevel again.

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