Re: Windows key (Was Re: 2 newbie questions.)

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>> Log out and then back in.  From the main menu, select Preferences,
>> Keyboard Shortcuts.  Select "Show the panel menu" and then click the
>> Windows Key.  You should see F13 in the Shortcut column.
> Why the heck this is not default? There's no new pc keyboard on the
> stores which doesn't have the start key. Ignore it in favor of alt-f1 is
> just stupid for the entry desktop linux from people which is coming from
> windows.

A --
Your keep forgetting the "<Whine></Whine>" tags... just kidding.
On a "slightly" more serious note, you need to seperate the
Linux(Kernel/GNU/OS)administrative  issues  from the deskstop(GNOME/KDE)
issues and Distribution issues?

This sound like it follows under the GNOME/KDE desktop issue.

You could for instance post messages to KDE/Gnome groups suggesting this
change or see if it's possible for you or them to be done.

And/Or post to a general linux mailing


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