Re: RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions onSuSE incorrect?

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> Thanks, Bruce.  
> If you are calling an older computer a "LUG" I have an IBM PC 300PL that
> I am using for that purpose.  I have spent the last three days trying to
> get it to work.  I just downloaded everything but the source code to a
> shared folder on my Windows computer but I still have a problem as I
> don't know what network card is in the IBM. This isn't the list for
> support on SUSE, (I am subscribed) so I won't ask for help here.  
> I'll check out Fedora when it is actually released.  Right now I just
> want a working Linux.  
> Thanks again,
> Buck  

Nah - LUG would be a Linux User's Group - although the IBM might be a LUG, too -lol. Anyway- have you tried (er, ahem) Red Hat 9.0? You can download the ISO's and burn them to CD. Since Fedora is based on RH Consumer's Version, 9.0 might be a good place to start. I'm seriously thinking about kicking myself in that direction. I need to load up a laptop for my sister and mail it out to her. I was thinking of using Fedora, but was kindly and gently reminded that Fedora is beta - so I'll probably install RH, then go to Fedora when I visit her.

Another alternative would be to download Knoppix. It has good hardware detection. You could boot up Knoppix (it runs from CD) and see if it detects your Ethernet card. If so, you can do an lsmod to try and see the modules loaded for your Ethernet card. Since Knoppix runs from CD, you can use it as a rescue disk in case your installation gets hosed.

I'm not one to talk about trying RH. I haven't tried it yet - but it is on my short list. I've tried 3 other distributions and have combed through the "Running Linux 4th Edition" and "Multitool Linux" books. I downloaded the RH9.0 ISO's, but will probably just buy a boxed set so I can include a user's guide when I ship the laptop to my Sis.

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