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On November 28, 2003 01:31 am, Graeme Willox, Graeme Willox 
<[email protected]> wrote:
> There seems to be quite a lot of information available.  There's so
> much, in fact, that I'm not sure where to even start.  Could someone
> point me in the right direction, please?  I

Don't be put off by the plethora of information.(or my rather long-winded
response herewith! <G>
I would recommend these few sites for newbies / beginners to linux.
I suggest you visit and bookmark them:

JustLinux is a site where the documentation is "newbieized". I.e.,
the help files and documentation are specifically designed so that
the language is not "too technical" for the new user to understand.

Newbie's Top Ten Commands (10 basic commands that every
linux user should know).
It is often better and *faster* to do some things from the console
prompt (the command line or "DOS window"), than from the GUI, 
so it's worth knowing these commands.

You can print the (15) pages, which might be cheaper for you
than buying a linux manual.
(Compare the cost of printing to the cost of a used computer book).

"DIE.DOCS" ... actually, IMHO, THE place to find all the linux
documentation a new user needs. (Use this as a handy reference
and tutorial for everything regarding linux usage and administration).

In addition, you can also find that many of your questions may
already have been asked. There are two ways of finding this
Primarily, go to and search with any word
and "linux", e.g. "usb cdrom linux" (without the quotes).

Since you are using Red Hat you will find much in the lists,
which can be searched by date, topic, or poster.
would return discussions on the current version (Fedora Core
Release 1 (Yarrow), and
will contain discussions on the previous version (Red Hat 9
aka "Shrike".

BEFORE posting a query to this list, I STRONGLY recommend
searching on google, and visiting the Archives of either site above.


Elton ;-)
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