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leam wrote:

Okay, I could use some help on picking a mail client. I'm shuffling the home computers around and want to end up with one file server and one Fedora based workstation; this means moving 5 years of e-mail!

I like the usefulness of a GUI mail client, the current choice is Mozilla. Sorting mail is fairly easy, as is re-sorting. However, I also like a non-GUI interface for the ability to connect remotely; I've used pine before.

There will be an internal mail server (eventually) so the mail clients won't have to connect directly out.

Standard text format is highly useful, especially when grep'ing the "jobs" folder for job search contacts. :)

Suggestions are welcome, preferably ones that work on Fedora and are open source.

I swear by mozilla mail, tried evolution for a time but it was way too resource hungry
plus I just prefer moz

In my life God comes first.... but Linux is pretty high after that :-D

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