Re: syslog -r remote logging to /var/log/messages as well as configured log file

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> It can then receive inbound syslog requests from our other nodes.
> They would have their syslog.conf file set up with lines like:
> ==================================================
> # log everything to lager
> *.*                   
> ===================================================
> In your proposed setup, you're asking to log everything to a file.
> ## *.* is all sources and all levels.  So you could do:
> *.*			/var/log/pix.log
> So, what ARE you trying to do?
> 					Matt Temple

I am logging everything from a cisco pix using local6 into one file
but as I said before it was logging everything from the pix into
/var/log/messages and /var/log/pix.log, Mr davis (thanks!) has pointed
out a config change that I should have done. 

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