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On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 10:43:39 -0500
Chris A Czerwinski <[email protected]> wrote:

> Thanks Andy,
> Now that's an answer that I appreciate, it has an explanation with meat.
> I now have a better sense and feeling to Fedora.
> Would you know when the next release might be? I do hope it will be
> before April 2004 just when Red Hat finishes with RH9? Isn't timing
> great. That's when I will/should make my move/upgrade after the kinks
> have been ironed out with FC1 and possibly the starting of FC2, as there
> may be an enormous demand for downloads. 

If you're waiting for FC 2 because you want a 'stable' release you might
want to think again. FC 2 will most likely be introducing kernel 2.6. with
a whole new set of 'possible' compatibility, driver and stability issues.
Although the other stuff should be well ironed out by then like documentation, 
yum, apt, orginization of repositories, GUI boot. After the initial kick in
the groin Fedora will receive with kernel 2.6 I see the future as very bright
once 'unstable' only referes to misc packages making big leaps in functionality
and not 'unstable' meaning It's a new system design.

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