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So change the default window manager that gnome uses to window maker or some other that does what you want it to do....


Iain Buchanan wrote:

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 13:18, Rob Park wrote:

Merc wrote:

I do agree with you that it should be an option. I must say though that
this change delighted me, and is Correct (tm). ;-)

Ugh, this drives me nuts. I use focus-follows-mouse because I like being able to type into whatever window I'm pointing at, WITHOUT having to click it.


It's just "less work" from a "I want to change focus to that other window"-standpoint. I don't often want to raise the window that's focused, because I like having a gaim conversation window on top of a maximized mozilla window (so I can still read the gaim window, even if I'm typing into a web form or something).

Or, I program in emacs, which is behind a terminal containing the man page for something I'm referencing.

BUT, sometimes I DO want to raise the window, and it's *so* much easier to be able to click anywhere than to be restricted to the title bar. I find it very annoying that I have to click in that one tiny little spot.

Sometimes the title bar is completely hidden. Then what? Try to use the slightly buggy keyboard shortcuts to raise the correct window? What if I have 10 mozilla windows open? Which one is the right one? The one I'm pointing at, but can't raise...


There seems to be a bug where if I move change workspaces too quickly, the newly pointed-at window won't get the focus, and clicking on it won't give it focus, I actually have to go to the trouble of moving my mouse off the window and then back on, which is very tiresom since this happens CONSTANTLY.

I've found this too. It used to be rare in shrike, but now it happens all the time. Apart from the cause you mentioned, if virtual desktop 'a' is active, and the mouse is in the screen coordinates of a window on v. desktop 'b', when you use a keyboard shortcut to change to v. desktop 'b', the mouse is 'already' in that window, so it doesn't get the mouse-in focus.

Actually, now that I'm ranting about it anyway, GNOME really needs a "focus strictly under mouse" mode, not "focus follows mouse, poorly" as is currently implemented. There's nothing I hate more than writing an email, and having some error dialog box pop up, but disappear too quickly to read because I was typing, it stole my focus, and I pressed the space bar, which selected the default action. That dialog box, whatever it was, just did something that I might not have wanted it to do, and it might be irreversible, and I might never know what it was. That drives me nuts.

That happens sooo much I could scream. But then this seems like an os-independent problem. I like your "strict focus" idea though.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the window I'm pointing at should ALWAYS have focus, and the WM should never give focus to any other window, unless I point at it specifically, no matter how badly that other window may want the focus.

Does that make sense?


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