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On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 09:23, Bryan Anderson wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:

> Again - I'll look it up - YUM says that the version I have 1.2.? is up 
> to date, so I'll do a search for a FC1/RH package.

If you include the repositories in your yum.conf, the testing
repository contains a gimp2 (the 1.3 packages are leading up to the 2.0
release) package that will install along side the standard gimp package.
1.3.21 is currently in there, and 1.3.23 will be entering QA later

The testing repo also includes scribus-1.1.2.

While you're trying out graphics programs, also give blender a shot. It
will give you a quality 3d graphics package.


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