RE: Top posting and "no subject" messages.

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On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Roger Beever wrote:

> But I will then get beaten up for bottom posting in a windows world.
> All I was saying it takes time to get used to bottom posting when you have
> started to branch out for the windowz world.

huh?  are you suggesting that good e-mail etiquette is OS-dependent?
although, come to think of it, you may have a point.  it's generally
windows users who think it's a terrific idea to post/email in HTML.

does this mean we have to have a FAQ for people migrating from 
windows?  something along the lines of, "10 bad windows habits
you should stop *right* *now*"??

what an intriguing idea.  i can see it now.  "so, you're finally
making the move up from windows to a real, multi-user, enterprise-
level operating system.  here are some rules you should keep in
mind now that you're playing with real grownups ..."  :-)


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