Will installation parameters propagate to final installation?

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I tried to upgrade to Fedora from RedHat 9 a few weeks ago, but without
success. The problem was that the Fedora installation CD booted fine, and
I got just to the point where I was prompted to check the CDs. Having done
that already, I skipped that step, and then the computer hung, complaining
about lost interrupts from hdd. (A sanity check with the RedHat 9
installation CD didn't cause my computer to hang at this step, and a few
more tries with the Fedora installation CD didn't help either.)

It turned out that once I typed "linux ide=nodma" at the Fedora
installation boot prompt, everything went fine.

Well, that is, when I got to the graphical installation screen, I decided
I'd wait with the installation until I'd solicited response from this

My concern is that although I seem to have found a work-around to the
problem, I wonder what will happen once the installation is complete and
my computer boots for the first time. If I had to add "ide=nodma" at the
installation, will the computer somehow remember that I had to provide
special instructions, making sure that the Linux installation won't hang
at boot time for the same reason as the installation hung?

I thought maybe I'd have to add "ide=nodma" in the /etc/grub.conf file
after the "kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.20-20.9 ro root=LABEL=/" entry, but my
current RedHat 9 /etc/grub.conf file doesn't contain any such statement.

So, my question is: considering that the Fedora installation hangs unless
I add "ide=nodma" at the installation prompt, will the computer then boot
the Linux OS just off the bat once the installation is complete, or should
I take specific further steps during the installation?


 - wolf -

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