Re: can't update mozilla with up2date

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M.Hockings wrote:

How can I tell if I use this galeon thing (yes, I realize that does sound dumb).

Doesn't sound dumb to me - but then I'm a linux newbie too! Now, I don't tend to offer advice on things I don't know about, but thought I'd try my luck here - someone will correct me if I'm wrong but it's a test for me ;-)

Galeon is a browser that uses the Mozilla engine. If you've not actually started Galeon from the main menu, then you've not used it. I haven't got it installed at all as I unchecked it on installation.

To remove it (I would) open a terminal, 'su -' to root, tehn use the command 'rpm -e galeon' to uninstall it.

Hope that helps - but please don't blame me if it goes wrong! Might be better to wait for someone to confirm this......

Bryan Anderson <[email protected]>

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